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If you are building or extending a home in Australia it is very important to consider the property’s Bushfire Attack Level. BAL is a nationwide standard that determines the level of risk of a building’s exposure to radiant heat, direct flame contact and ember attack.


This standard can have a big impact on what materials can be used on the exterior of the home.

BAL Ratings are broken up into six different levels:



BAL 12.5 is the lowest rating, whereas BAL 40 and BAL FZ are at the higher end of the spectrum and require more specialist materials that can withstand a lot more heat.

Here at Parkwood, we believe design and durability should not be restricted by the functionality of the product, after noticing a huge scarcity of visually appealing BAL rated products on the market, Parkwood felt they had a responsibility.

Parkwood have developed a highly durable range of Aluminium doors that are deemed to comply with BAL specifications right up to BAL 40! Solid Timber Doors up to BAL 29 and Composite Doors up to BAL 12.5

Doors that Parkwood can supply for the following requirements:

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