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Thermtek - thermally enhanced front doors

Thermtek is Parkwood’s unique thermally enhanced technology in aluminium. Through the enhanced thermal properties of the Thermtek aluminium door, cold is kept outside and warmth inside and vice versa. Furthermore, this technology reduces condensation and acts as a superior noise barrier. Our range of architecturally designed Thermtek front doors are powder-coated for low maintenance and are capable of enduring all weather.

Thermtek Door FL

Thermtek Doors

There is a great selection of Thermtek designs and sizes available, and these come powder coated in a range of colours.

The pros of using thermally enhanced aluminium aluminium for your front door:

  • Reduces Condensation.
  • More insulation.
  • Superior noise barrier.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Hard wearing powder coated surface.
  • Can be exposed to any weather conditions.
  • Best colour-matched option to your aluminium windows and frames.

The Cons:

  • The frame must be square for this door type to fit, as you can’t trim an aluminium door to suit the frame (If the frame is out of plumb you would need to replace this as well).
  • If you scratch or dent an aluminium door it is hard to repair or touch up professionally without bringing in the experts.

Thermal ratings are an important feature, when choosing a door. A thermal rating is useful to help you understand how well a door will keep you home at a comfortable temperature. A door with a high thermal rating will assist in keeping your home warm and dry in the winter, cool in the summer and feel great all year round. On the contrary, a poor thermal rating will allow heat to transfer through your door making your house cold and damp in the winter and hot and stuffy in the summer. While a high thermal performing door such as a thermally broken aluminium, or a composite fiberglass door may cost more than a cheaper cold aluminium option, the energy savings are significant!

Many people think that the front door is insignificant, when insulating a home. No surprises, it is very significant! A poorly insulated door, can be one of the worst parts of the insulation in a home, making it colder and miserable. A good thermal rating, prevents this, keeping the warmth in, rather than you having to turn on the heaters again!

What is a thermal rating?

Thermal resistance rating or R-Value is most commonly used in the construction industry to determine a material’s ability to resist heat transfer.

The higher the R-Value, the better the thermal resistance. Units: m2K/W.

R-Value = Thickness (m) / Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

When specifying insulation, thermal resistance is the most important material characteristic. The thermal resistance of a material is affected by two factors: the thickness of the insulation and its thermal conductivity. Simply specifying thickness of material is not enough.

Thermal door
Thermtek FL cross section

What is the highest R-rated Thermtek aluminium door?

The new Thermtek FL door comes with a very good u-value which will exceed the requirements for the new NCC changes for the 7 star rating, anywhere in Australia. The thermal rating improves as the door gets larger.

This door is of revolutionary construction utilising innovation and technology found nowhere else in the world.

The design has been patented:

– Australian Patent 2022204602.

– New Zealand Patent 789854.