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What effects the price of an aluminium front door?

Buying an aluminium powder coated front door is like buying a car.  There are all sorts of styles and models and within each of those, there are lots of options to choose from such as timber type, glass, finish and more.  This results in a wide range of pricing possibilities, making it difficult to state an exact price or even an average price you will need to pay.

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The following factors play a significant role in determining the cost of an aluminium door; knowing them will help you be more aware of what to consider:

  • Thermally broken or standard non-thermal construction – most designs are available in both. Thermally broken is the more expensive option but it provides better insulation, is a superior noise barrier and it reduces condensation on your door. Non-thermal, standard aluminium construction tend to allow more energy and sound transfer through the door.
  • Style – effects the base price due to the amount of material required, how much time needs to be put into making it or if it has glass.
  • Glass – the base price of glazed aluminium doors normally includes clear double glazing, if you choose any other type of glass, there will be an additional charge.
  • Size – larger doors are more expensive. The base price of aluminium doors is for door sizes up to 2150×860, any larger and additional charges apply. E.g. over-height up to 2400mm high is likely to add around $150 to your price.
  • Colour – The base price includes a standard powder-coat finish but not all colours are considered standard, some colours come with a surcharge. It is possible to have thermally broken doors in dual colours, but this comes at an extra cost.

Other things to consider when buying a door that will increase the cost as well:

  • Your door will need to be secured with a lock and handle. You can choose from many options, such as grip-sets, lever handles, pull handles, and digital locks. Many of these options can be combined into a simple lockset which can save cost as well.
  • Machining for lock, you can either request this to be done while the door is being made or have it completed on site. For aluminium doors it is generally recommended that machining is completed during manufacture.
  • You may decide that your door needs other hardware. For example, an eye viewer, false hinges or maybe a cat flap. These options may require further machining before they can be installed.
  • Installing the door – unless you are confident in your ability to install the door yourself, you should add installation to your budget.