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Thermtek SV3 – (41mm thick door)


RRP from $2590.00

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Aluminium Thermtek SV 3: $2590

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Thermtek FL Range – Arrow design – please note the point always points to the hinge.
Thermtek doors are less likely to accumulate condensation compared to other aluminium doors. Our range of architecturally designed front doors are powder coated for low maintenance and are capable of enduring all weather. In addition to the sleek design that is sure to impress guests, the aluminium structure provides stability and strength to keep your family safe.
– Reduces Condensation.
– More insulation.
– Superior noise barrier.
– Virtually maintenance free.
– Hard wearing powder coated surface.
– Can be exposed to any weather conditions.
– Best colour-matched option to your aluminium windows and frames.
New Zealand Patent 789854, Australian Patent 2022204602.

Min Width: 220

Max Width: 1300

Min Height: 300

Max Height: 2900

Thickness: 41

Min Thickness: 41

Max Thickness: 41

Home Style: Art Deco, Contempory, Modern

Pivot: Briton 2800 only

Seal: RP8 available

Eye Viewer: Normal thickness door viewer

Cat Door: Not available

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: Yes

Range: Aluminium Thermtek

Situation: Exposed

Mould Profile: Aluminium Thermtek FL

Warranty: 10 Years