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Strata 7P – (41mm thick door)


RRP from $1740.00

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Aluminium Strata DG 7P: $1740

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Durable, low maintenance, and guaranteed in harsh weather. Your choice of powder coat colour – a strong long lasting finish, guaranteed to last in harsh weather conditions.

All aluminium door designs can be constructed in Thermtek (thermally enhanced) or Strata (non-thermal).  If you require a thermally enhanced door, select the ‘Thermtek’ door in the same style.

Min Width: 350

Max Width: 1350

Min Height: 1600

Max Height: 2650

Thickness: 41

Min Thickness: 41

Max Thickness: 41

Home Style: Art Deco, Cottage, Heritage, Traditional, Villa

Pivot: None

Seal: RP8 available

Eye Viewer: Normal thickness door viewer

Cat Door: Can fit (thin panel or DG Glass)

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: No

Range: Aluminium Strata

Situation: Exposed

Mould Profile: Strata Double Glazed

Bal Rating: 40

Warranty: 10 Years

Max BAL Rating: 40