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FLFP1SSC (Smooth) – Glazed in Clear Glass


RRP from $1060.00

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Duramax FLFP1SSC Smooth - Glazed in 6.38mm Clear Laminate: $1060 Duramax FLFP1SSC Smooth - Glazed in 6.38mm Clear Laminate: $1060

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Comes single glazed clear glass only.

Parkwood Duramax doors are designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Our most affordable door range, with the best insulation, supplied ready to paint or you could take advantage of our high quality painting service.

  • 10 Year Warranty.
  • Solid composite resin edges – clean and tidy, which can be trimmed or rebated.
  • LVL stiles and rails for superior stability – reduces warping and bowing.
  • Polyurethane core for high insulation. Better thermal r-rating than aluminium and timber doors.
  • Glass Reinforced Polyester skins making them tough and weatherproof even in extreme weather,
  • High impact fibreglass smooth textured skin that can be easily painted (dark colours are not recommended if the door is in direct sunlight).

Min Width: 820

Max Width: 920

Min Height: 2040

Max Height: 2040

Thickness: 40

Min Thickness: 40

Max Thickness: 40

Home Style: Contempory, Modern

Pivot: Any

Seal: RP8 available

Eye Viewer: Not available

Cat Door: Can fit (full thickness door)

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: Yes

Range: Duramax

Situation: Semi-Sheltered

Mould Profile: Standard Profile

Warranty: 10 Years