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Bungalow 3


RRP from $990.00

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A.W.Ash Bungalow 3: $2150 Paint Quality Pine Bungalow 3: $990 Paint Quality Vulcan Bungalow 3: $1440 Stain Quality Cedar Bungalow 3: $3330 Stain Quality Pine Bungalow 3: $1310

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Interior doors can get a lot of traffic, especially bedroom and bathroom doors. Parkwood solid timber doors are stronger than hollow core doors; the kids can’t kick holes in them, they shut better and they don’t blow open or shut easily with the wind.

  • Solid wood doors have an elegance and quality that can add value to your home.
  • Designed to expand and contract, because wood is a natural material it is very reactive to changes in temperatures and humidity.
  • Interior doors – 38mm thick.
  • Solid timber for better acoustic rating.
  • Can be painted or stained.
  • High quality smooth finish.
  • Made to measure.
  • Character and style.
  • Paint Quality Interior doors are made using custom wood/MDF.
  • A standard range of reliable timbers to suit any design or style.

Min Width: 410

Max Width: 1600

Min Height: 1600

Max Height: 2600

Thickness: 38

Min Thickness: 36

Max Thickness: 42

Home Style: Bungalow, Contempory, Modern

Pivot: Briton 2800 only

Seal: None available

Eye Viewer: Not available

Cat Door: Not available

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: No

Range: Timber

Situation: Interior

Mould Profile: Interior Square

Warranty: 5 Years