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How a New Front Door Can Help You Sell Your Sydney Home

Property in Australia is going like hotcakes, but that doesn’t mean that your home is going to sell immediately or for the price you feel it’s worth. Even if you have a number of interested buyers, they may try to underbid or even talk you down from making a profit on the home you have loved and kept up for years. While you can thank a certain amount of opportunism for these low-balling tactics, the fact of the matter is that homes sell more on ‘Wow’ factor than they do on the real value in the beams, walls, floors, and land surrounding them. If you really want to close your sale quickly and for more than your asking price, the key is to make that house pop. And nothing makes a better impression than a shining new front door.

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It’s All About the Curb Appeal.

Everyone knows that selling a home starts with a little something called “Curb Appeal” What this refers to is the first impression anyone gets of a home, how it looks standing on the curb. You want to inspire awe and inspiration. To sell your house for all it’s worth, you want jaws to drop at how beautiful your landscaping and the front of your home appear. Its great architectural qualities should be highlighted, its masonry should shine, its paint should glow, and the topiary out front needs to be amazing.

But actually pulling off this awe-inspiring curb appeal impact is harder than it sounds. It requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail. The good news is that most homeowners aren’t actually willing to put in this effort which means that if you do effectively reinvent and reinvigorate the entrance to your home, you will be far ahead of the competition for both online pictures and interested buyers coming for their first jaw-dropping tour.

Curb Appeal and the Front Door

But what role does your front door play in all of this? Most homeowners, when they do focus on curb appeal, usually put all their attention into the landscaping. While it’s true that your shrubs and flower bushes can have a lot of power to make a good first impression, your potential buyers aren’t just looking at the greenery. This is their very first look at the home that could be theirs for decades to come and you can bet they’re looking at the siding, windows, and that dingy old front door when making their first gut decision.

“Will my new life start by walking through that front door?” If they’re not already excited then you may have already lost them.

The Impact of Your Front Door on Home Sales

When looking at a picture of a home for sale, the front door is almost always at the centre. No matter what colour it is or how long it’s been since the last layer of paint, that door stands front and centre. In its not-so-subtle way, the colour and style of the front door can set the entire tone of your curb appeal image. It can boldly contrast the colours of your home or offer a more reserved and elegant complementary shade. The style you choose for the door design and handle-lock hardware can even influence the way buyers perceive the entire home, either as trendy, traditional, or historic.

The front door is also the portal to the home experience, holding the promise of what is inside. A shabby front door subtly suggests that the interior may be shabby and inclines buyers to see the entire home as more of a ‘run-down family place’ than as a glamorous start to their new life. This is why you want to put some thought into how your front door is presenting the rest of your home.

Cranking Up the Charm

For rural homes and houses in town with great front gardens, the traditional wood door in a classic or country style will increase the charm of your garden and curb appeal. Combining frosted cut out windows with a warm yellow front hall light inside will help the front door to glow welcoming, especially for buyers who take after work tours around and after dusk.

With such a cosy first impression, you can emphasise charm by scenting the house with warm smells like baking and cinnamon. Consider serving hot drinks or milk and cookies during tours and open houses to help build on the comforting feel of a traditional front door.

Reinventing Your Curb Appeal with a New Style

Of course, you don’t have to go with tradition or even stick with the style of door your home already has. If you want to update your curb appeal from the centre, try a more modern or differently styled door. You could go with a aluminium door, more or fewer windows, and any type of hardware you want. It’s easy to enhance different aspects of the home based on the style of door you choose.

Choosing a more modern door with geometric or angled windows can make a home look newer and suggest a fully renovated interior to go with a traditional exterior. A sleek glass or aluminium door is a great accent for an already modernly built home. The sharper scents of lemon or lavender are a great accent to enhance an updated interior with stainless steel appliances and shining counters. If you want high-tech couples counting your outlets happily, promise them technology with a stylish aluminium door.

Investing in your home is never more important than when you’re planning on selling it. Most homeowners with a clear vision of their home sale can turn a small investment of a few key touch-ups into a much larger sale and more eager buyers than they were getting before. Whether you’re still planning your home sale or are ready to improve the prospects of a home on the market, the right front door can make the difference in both online listings and welcoming potential buyers to a new home that feels perfect.

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