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8 Feelings Your Melbourne Front Door Can Inspire

Coming home is something most of us do at least once a day. The process is so automatic we almost don’t think about it. The time between getting out of the car and putting your things down inside is often just a blur of busy thoughts about your day and what you plan to do at home. However, there is one thought we all have about homecoming that has become so regular, you hardly notice. It’s how you feel when you first see your own front door in Melbourne.

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Front doors are special. While most people don’t think twice about most front doors, there’s a unique feeling you get when you see your own, no matter how decorative or plain. Coming home from a walk, it’s easier to understand the situation as you’re a little bit weary and spend a few minutes approaching your house. When you do finally see that old familiar portal, you most likely breathe a subtle sigh of relief and happiness. But what else do you think when you see your Melbourne front door?

The design, colour, and decoration of your front door have a way of representing both the residents and the home that lies inside. When you see your front door, especially approaching after a long hard day, the way you feel about its design can shape how you feel about coming home as a whole. Here are eight different ways your Melbourne front door can make you feel depending on you, your home, and the design of your door.

1) “Another Day in Paradise”

Is your door just a little bit rustic? Natural timbers, heritage designs, and attractive glass inserts are all ways that a door can make us feel like we’ve come back to our childhood homes or perhaps to a more eternal childhood home that has more to do with feeling than where we physically grew up. A homey front door will have you thinking of family dinners, shared holidays, and all the wonderful memories you’ve had inside the home. When your front door is of a warm, welcoming, and traditional design, you’re sure to feel like each homecoming holds the promise of relaxation with the ones you love most.

2) “My Secret Garden”

For those with a green thumb or a talented gardener and an undeniable love of nature, one of the best things you can do with your front door is to paint it green. A green front door, especially one surrounded by attractive dark accent colours and a lushly planted yard creates a unique feeling of stepping into your own private garden. Just like the novel which took a few lonely children to a wonderfully secret place to be themselves, a front door that blends perfectly with your front garden can make you feel as if you’re stepping into a secret place where you can enjoy the lovely combination of nature and home life.

3) “Where I Raise My Children”

Some front doors have seen more than a little love in their time and often children are the culprits. Dents from playtime, dozens of tiny scuffs, and inexplicably permanent crayon drawings are the hallmarks of a front door that has seen a lot of love from children. When you see the signs of your children on the front door upon coming home, you can’t help but smile and be proud. Every scuff and crayon mark is a developmental stage and you remember them all on this porch. Even if you had to replace the door, you’d be tempted to ask your children to put their adorable little hand-prints on it so you can be reminded of your pride as a parent every time you come home.

4) “My Home is My Castle”

Of course, dainty normal front doors aren’t for everyone. If you like everything big, impressive, and beautiful, then nothing can beat an extra-large solid security door with a large bar handle. When your door is big, heavy, and undeniably just a little intimidating, coming home can make you feel like a king or queen of your abode. Your home is your castle, an impressive place where you do impressive things with an appropriately large and heavy door to match. For some people, just feeling the weight of the door as they open it is a satisfying comfort.

5) “This is Where My Story Begins”

Do you have a unique style when it comes to decoration? Many people whose personalities flow out of them in a bubbling fountain find the time and opportunity to paint their front door a fun colour or even choose a home based on the personality displayed by the front door. A brightly coloured door in your favourite colour is a wonderful signal when you come home. When you see that unique colour in a row of otherwise plain front doors, you know that stepping through that door is when the story becomes entirely about you.

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6) “The Portal to My Artistic Retreat”

Of course, there’s more than one way to personalise a door. If you consider yourself an artist, your front door becomes the portal to your quiet artist’s retreat. Because all artists are different, how your door looks might vary wildly from a deep traditional wood stain to splatter-painted. No matter what your door looks like, if you’ve put some of your artist heart and soul into the décor, it’s sure to shine through as a clear marker of the line between the rest of the world and your cosy artist retreat inside.

7) “Safe and Sound”

For some people, the most important thing about their front door is security. When you see your solid locked front door, a smile comes to your face because you know that once inside, you can keep the rest of the world out for as long as you need to before it’s time to emerge again. The solid, dead-bolted door reminds you that your home is safe while you’re away and that you are perfectly safe while inside your relaxing abode.

8) “All Systems are Go”

Going in the completely other direction for our final door, doors are also your portal into the future. The design and opportunities of doors have widened significantly in the last 20 years and modern styles are developing rapidly. With a trendy glass door or a solid door with geometric windows, you will feel like you’re coming home to a space station every time you unlock that front door. Approaching your door from a distance, you know that the moment you step inside, your home will begin to take care of you through automation and convenience.

When it comes to turning a house into a home, how your front door makes you feel can matter a great deal. Even if you’ve recently moved or something has happened to your old favourite front door, don’t worry! You can still form just a strong connection, if not stronger, to a new front door. Especially since now you have the opportunity to choose everything from the material and design to the final paint colour. For more ideas on choosing a new front door you will love click here.

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