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5 Adelaide Front Door Trends to Consider

Are you building a new home in Adelaide or just replacing that dented and scuffed old front door with a new one? Choosing a new front door is an unusually personal home improvement decision. After all, the style and personality of your door says a lot about the people who live inside. Are you playful or serious? Sombre or Energetic? The material, style, colour, and even the up-close functionality of the door all reflect what you value during the decision making process for those who know how to look.

A wood door in a natural colour, for instance, suggests someone who likes things nice and traditional while a metal door painted a bright cheery colour is likely to house modern and playful person or family. Here in Adelaide, naturally you want something beautiful to show the neighbourhood, a welcome sight to come home to every day, something secure against the possibility of crime, and a door that can withstand the sometimes unpredictable weather. Fortunately, the latest trends in front door style and technology are heading in the same direction.

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1) Beautiful Security Doors

In the past, people have had to make a hard decision between beautifully wrought and window-inlaid doors and the security of solid wood or metal. In movie after movie we have seen the bad guy break into a house simply by breaking the glass in the door and turn the handle. This seems like a horror story and today that’s all it is. Modern exterior doors are almost never made with glass that can be punched out or even broken with a rock in the front yard. A combination of reinforced safety glass and incredibly sturdy advanced door materials can keep out even very determined break-in attempts.

The trend today is to make the most of these advanced materials and techniques. Rather than building a door that looks imposing, get yourself a new front door that is beautiful and welcoming but is still built like a fortress with enough reinforcement to keep out any unwanted or unapproved visitors.


2) Accessible Handles

As the population ages up, we begin to see an unusual number of retirees buying second homes, building new homes, and moving into granny flats. It’s no surprise that a number of existing and new residences are being kitted out for optimal accessibility. The fact of the matter is that a home, once made accessible, becomes more useful for every resident whether they are retired or not. Mums and children can make just as much use of grab bars and easy lever handles as elderly residents can.

What does this have to do with front doors, you ask. The handle of your front door defines how you interact with it, how many things you can be holding when you open the door, or how coordinated you have to be to unlock and get it open at the same time. Anyone who’s handled a troublesome key-knob knows that there’s something to be said for big lever handles and easy to twist deadbolts which also happens to be this year’s rising trend.

3) Energy Efficiency

It seems like the whole world is going wild for energy efficiency and honestly, it’s no surprise. Not only are energy efficient appliances, doors, and windows more Eco-friendly, they can also save you a surprising percentage on your monthly power bill. Everything you can do to improve the efficiency of your HVAC units to produce hot or cold air and your home to contain that are can make a serious difference. Because you are choosing a new front door right now, you have a prime opportunity to make sure that the material and model you choose are Energy-Star approved to get your entire home one step closer to perfect energy efficiency.

Timber doors are one of the most popular options but you’ll want to account for swelling in humidity and contracting during dry spells when spacing your weather stripping. Metal doors are fantastic for security but they may have some downsides when it comes to transmitting temperature. One of your best choices is a modern composite fibreglass door made of composite secure and insulated layers and available in both very convincing mock wood or metal textured finishes.


4) Smart Pet Doors

Sometimes you simply must cut a hole in one of your exterior doors. When your furriest family member needs a convenient way to get outside on their own, you don’t want to invite all the neighbourhood animals or the weather in at the same time. For this reason, it has become increasingly trendy to get a smart, self-locking pet door. These devices are much more likely to seal completely when closed, maintaining your home’s energy efficiency, and lock to keep out unwanted furry guests.

Depending on the model, your pet, along with a few other welcome guest-pets, can either wear a special collar or you can even find pet doors that will read your pet’s implanted microchip. This will allow you to control the temperature, drafts, and animal visitors in your home while still giving your pet convenient access through the front door.

5) Bold New Colours

Finally, the time for demure, neighbourhood-matching front doors is over. While most local councils will have a few regulations as to what colour you paint the house itself, the vast majority of homeowners are free to choose any front door colour they want and personalities are starting to shine through. Go ahead, drive through the residential streets of Adelaide and take a look. While there are still plenty of older white, grey, beige, and brown front doors, there are also an increasing number of teal, purple, red, bright green, and deep blue doors beginning to appear. Painting your front door a bright and bold colour is a great way to show your personality to the neighbourhood and give yourself a cheery welcome home every single day.

No matter what you choose to do with your front door, from following the trends to designing something truly new and unique, remember that the choice is yours. This is the door you will leave from every morning, come home to every evening, and welcome your guests through when they come to visit you in Adelaide. Choose something that will make you happy.

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