Add door hardware, choose from a powder coat, stain or paint finish, and select your style of glass, to ensure your front door is complete.

Parkwood offers a wide variety of glass, door furniture and finishing options suit your needs.  Read more in our brochures or speak to your local Parkwood agent about your ideas and to arrange for a free consultation and quote.


Parkwood's range of hardware is simple but covers the three most popular types in both heritage (round) and modern (square) designs.
Parkwood can machine out for your hardware to save the hassle and risk of machining on site.

door finishes and hardware parkwood


Parkwood can pre-fix your glass at the factory so there is no need to fit glass on site. We can arrange almost any type of glass you want and offer a standard range of leadlights.

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A finish to protect the door from breakdown.


All Parkwood doors come with a warranty:

Timber doors 5 years. Aluminium doors 5 years. Duramax doors 10 years

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Parkwood design, manufacture, and wholesale premium doors.

We supply doors to retailers across Australia. We can also custom-make doors to your design. Warranty Plus is available for $30 per door. Please read the terms and conditions as outlined in the ‘Warranty Document’.

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