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From $1,010.00

Pricing shown below is for a standard 1980 x 860 door, if you require a different size door please request a quote.
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A.W.Ash FP1: $1510 Paint Quality Cedar FP1: $2500 Paint Quality Pine FP1: $1010 Paint Quality Vulcan FP1: $1480 Rosewood FP1: $1750 Stain Quality Cedar FP1: $3160 Stain Quality Vulcan FP1: $1770

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Min Width: 610

Max Width: 1200

Min Height: 1600

Max Height: 2600

Thickness: 41

Min Thickness: 39

Max Thickness: 42

Home Style: Bungalow, Hamptons, Heritage, Traditional, Villa

Pivot: Any

Seal: RP8 available

Eye Viewer: Not available

Cat Door: Not available

Glass Options: Single and double

Dual Colour: No

Range: Timber

Situation: Sheltered

Mould Profile: Exterior Bevel

Warranty: 5 Years