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E-LOK Gateway 700-G2


RRP from $260.00

E-LOK 700-G2 Gateway (for remote access through Wi-Fi): $260
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E-LOK Gateway takes all the Bluetooth Functions of your E-LOK Smart Lock and transmits it over Wi-Fi.

Includes required USB C Cable and Power Adaptor.

With the E-LOK Gateway, you can manage and control most functions of your E-LOK remotely over a Wi-Fi connection. Remotely unlock the E-LOK Smart Lock and get live notifications when it is unlocked and what unlock code was used. Codes can be deleted, created, set as one-time codes, and notifications can be sent when they are used.

Having an E-LOK Gateway in your office or home allows you to monitor who is coming into your premises.

In addition, E-LOK Gateway is perfect for AirBnB owners, as you can set unlock codes to only be active during the guest’s stay, and to stop working afterward.


How to Set-Up:

Ensure the E-LOK App is downloaded first and your E-LOK Smart Lock is Set-Up.

Swipe to the left menu of the E-LOK App, Tap “Gateway”, Tap the “+” sign at the top right, Tap “G2”. Next Plug-in your E-LOK Gateway with the included USB Type-C cable in Bluetooth range of your E-LOK Smart Lock and in Wi-Fi range of your home network router. Follow the prompts from the E-LOK App to add your Gateway, name it and link your E-LOK Smart Lock.