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RRP from $1090.00

Discover what influences the price of your door
A.W.Ash AR43: $1900 Paint Quality Pine AR43 Interior: $1090 Paint Quality Vulcan AR43 Interior: $1580 Stain Quality Cedar AR43 Interior: $2980 Stain Quality Pine AR43 Interior: $1270 Stain Quality Vulcan AR43 Interior: $2140

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Interior doors can get a lot of traffic, especially bedroom and bathroom doors. Parkwood solid timber doors are stronger than hollow core doors; the kids can’t kick holes in them, they shut better and they don’t blow open or shut easily with the wind.
Solid wood doors have an elegance and quality that can add value to your home.
Designed to expand and contract, because wood is a natural material it is very reactive to changes in temperatures and humidity.
– Interior doors – 38mm thick.
– Solid timber for better acoustic rating.
– Can be painted or stained.
– High quality smooth finish.
– Made to measure.
– Character and style.
– Paint Quality Interior doors are made using custom wood/MDF.
– A standard range of reliable timbers to suit any design or style.

Min Width: 310

Max Width: 1400

Min Height: 1600

Max Height: 2900

Thickness: 38

Min Thickness: 36

Max Thickness: 42

Home Style: Contempory, Cottage, Hamptons

Pivot: Briton 2800 only

Seal: None available

Eye Viewer: Not available

Cat Door: Not available

Glass Options: Unglazed

Dual Colour: No

Range: Timber

Situation: Interior

Mould Profile: Interior Square

Warranty: 5 Years