Premium front doors hand-crafted to the finest quality by skilled tradespeople. These entry doors are custom-made to almost any size and design.

Designed for use in weather-protected entranceways, these doors are made from the finest quality timbers, sourced from sustained–yield forests.

Western Red Cedar is the most popular timber for a stain quality door.  Other options, including paint quality timbers, can be selected from the standard range of timbers below.  



Timber Types

Parkwood's solid timber doors are made from a range of timbers that is both reliable for joinery, and sustainably sourced.   It is suited to Australian weather conditions, and has options that are priced within everyone's budget, whilst still providing varied options in colours and grains to suit almost any door design.   

Timbers from our standard range are shown below. 

  • Western Red Cedar
    Drawn from the beautiful Canadian forests, this product is in hot demand worldwide.  Its rich red colour, superior stability and variety of grains and shades has caught the eye of the international stage. This is available in stain quality (to be stained) or paint quality (to be painted).

  • Vulcan+
    Stability. Resistance. Durability.
    Chocolate brown depths and even grain all finished nicely with engineered lamination lines. This exciting new brand is a breakthrough for the timber world. It is thermally modified in specialist computer-monitored kilns. The individual pores of the timber no longer absorb moisture, meaning it will no longer move or change like other natural products. This patent protected product has a laminated structure for even greater strength. Available in paint quality (to be painted).

  • Rosewood 

    A hardwood, considered a darker timber, it ranges in colour from yellow-brown to gold and redbrown. It has remarkable physical beauty and an amazing range of uses and durability, matched only by timbers which are either more expensive or which do not possess the same physical attraction or working qualities.

  • American White Ash
    The light-coloured hardwood that is reasonably close to American White Oak. It has creamy white to light brown heartwood with white coloured sapwood, with uniform texture. White Ash’s beautiful grain and versatility bring the much sought after natural charm of timber to many high-end residential and commercial projects.


All Parkwood doors come with a warranty:

Timber doors 5 years. Aluminium doors 5 years. Duramax doors 10 years

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Parkwood design, manufacture, and wholesale premium doors.

We supply doors to retailers across Australia. We can also custom-make doors to your design. Warranty Plus is available for $30 per door. Please read the terms and conditions as outlined in the ‘Warranty Document’.

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