Parkwood's range of front doors include an option for every entrance situation. What range you choose depends on various factors related to your entrance, such as its exposure to the weather. Correct care of your door will ensure it will last for years to come.

Please note Parkwood accepts no returns – whether it be stock or custom-made product.

Cancellations of orders are only accepted if the door has not started production.

Warranty on Solid Timber Front Doors

The Parkwood range of Solid Timber doors are designed for use in weather protect situations.  Timber is a beautiful natural product, and creates a solid, attractive entry door.  However, it will not last if it is exposed to the elements without adequate protection.  Up to a 6mm bow is considered acceptable. In basic terms, this means the door must:

  • Have a minimum porch roof or protection of 1200mm
  • Not be exposed to driving rain or direct sunlight for more than 4 hours per day
  • Be pre-finished (coated) in a form-filling product, on ALL 6 faces
  • Have a well-maintained coating 

Film forming products exclude oils, but includes other products in many desirable colours.  

Your Parkwood solid timber door carries a 5 year warranty if these requirements are met.  Download 'Care Of Your Door Instructions' here, and the full Parkwood warranty here.  

The Parkwood Guarantee is VOID if:

 • An oil or penetrating stain is used as the finish – even if recommended by a manufacturer of such products

 • A timber door has insufficient cover (min 1.2m)

• A timber door is exposed to driving rain or long periods of sunlight (more than 4 hours per day)

• A timber or fibreglass door is finished in a dark colour, as this attracts the heat As the product can easily be damaged, please be responsible to take care and wrap or cover it with some protection to ensure it is in good condition before and after coating, until site work is finished. Enjoy your door for years and years to come.

NOTE: • Due to seasonal and geographical variations in atmosphere, moisture can cause a certain amount of shrinkage or expansion in a product – this is not a defect

• Natural variations in colour of timber is not considered a defect

• Door must be stored in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight

 • Parkwood will not be held responsible for additional charges of hanging or painting or any other charges arising from the replacement of products

Please contact Parkwood if you have further questions or concerns with Solid Timber Doors.  



Warranty on Duramax Fibreglass Front Doors

Duramax front doors are warranted for 10 years in fully exposed conditions.  As the door has fibreglass/resin on all edges, it doesn't have to be painted to be warranted. 

Some points to remember when painting or staining your fibreglass door:

  • Colours with LRV of more than 10% must be used (see your paint manufacturer for the LRV rating)
  • All sides of the door must be coated in the same products and colour
  • Parkwood don't recommend dark gloss colours as they can show a slight 'wave' in the door


For full instructions on painting or staining your Duramax door, click here.   


Warranty on Aluminium Front Doors

Aluminium front doors are covered by a five year warranty.  

Some powdercoats have a 10 or even 15 year warranty.  Powder coat finishes require a certain level of care and maintenance to meet the long warranty periods.  Click here for a guide, and see an example warranty here.  Colours shown on the website and in Parkwood brochures are indicative only.   Please request actual samples before confirming your choice of colour.



Warranty Plus

Parkwood now offer clients a Full Cover warranty option on all doors!
This will be in addition to the Standard Warranty which covers 5 years with full replacement of the door if faulty (and meets warranty conditions).  The ‘Warranty Plus Cover’ comes at a small cost which you can on sell to your clients as a ‘Peace of Mind Warranty’.

What your standard warranty covers:

  • Door repair or replacement only


Warranty Plus offers an additional level of assurance which includes:

  • Standard door repair or replacement as outlined in the warranty
  • PLUS door fitting
  • PLUS door finishing
  • PLUS re-fitting of any hardware 


Warranty Plus covers up to $500 of re-fitting and re-hanging costs.  Please state ‘Warranty Plus’ on your order to activate this option.

Parkwood will work with the Builder/Home owner and sort out all relating problems if the quality/workmanship fails.  All problems relating to the door that Parkwood supplied would be fixed by Parkwood. Please note that NO Parkwood warranty is effective if our ‘Guarantee of Quality’ is not followed and met. (All doors have this attached to the edge and is also detailed in Parkwood brochures).

Download Brochures & Instructions


All Parkwood doors come with a warranty:

Timber doors 5 years. Aluminium doors 5 years. Duramax doors 10 years

Click to view terms and conditions

Parkwood design, manufacture, and wholesale premium doors.

We supply doors to retailers across Australia. We can also custom-make doors to your design. Warranty Plus is available for $30 per door. Please read the terms and conditions as outlined in the ‘Warranty Document’.

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