Sales and Marketing Team

Carver Key Account Manager (Auckland/Christchurch Aluminium Fabricators) & Marketing Manager creating content to guide your decisions to the best result

Aaron Key Account Manager (Otago/Southland) & Sales Manager Australia introducing the ultimate in entry door solutions and more

Richie Sorenson Sales and Marketing Support processing punctually and thoroughly

Customer Service and admin

Rebekah Brown Sales Support Manager ensuring there's always someone there for you

Heather Holly Customer Service Manager Solving your daily challenges

Delenn McMillan Customer Service answers and support

CEO and Operations and Development Team

Noel Gudsell CEO

Simon Parkes Operations Director Developing better products and solutions for you

Peter Ramsden Development Manager

Jason Clark Project Manager Working with you and your team, to deliver your product within your time frame

Production Team

Dean Parkes Production Director Getting high quality doors to you quickly

Ken Walker Purchasing Manager Sourcing the best materials for YOUR door

Chris Burney Aluminium Supervisor - Day

Sandro Kuehne Timber Supervisor

What our customers say about us:

What our employees say about us:

Mission and Values:

To provide a superior service supplying products quickly, that customers are delighted with, and employees are proud of and feel engaged with.


We strive to exceed our customers’expectation for quality.


We aim to be the benchmark for great customer service.


We regard our suppliers, employees and customers as part of our team.


We’re committed to always doing the right thing.


  • 2017

    Parkwood shift to purpose-built premises

  • 2016

    Parkwood celebrate the 5th consecutive year with 30% growth each year, with a big day-out (insert collage pics from our big day out)

  • 2016

    Parkwood goes Digital! Door selector, social media, video collection

  • 2014

    Parkwood purchase Plantation doors, an importer of an economical range of exterior doors and louvres

  • 2014

    Parkwood go international! is formed and a warehouse is established in Melbourne and quickly expands throughout Victoria and into NSW

  • 2013

    Parkwood extend aluminium factory

  • 2012

    Parkwood bring all manufacturing in-house to improve service and increase capacity

  • 2008-2009

    NZ struck with recession. Parkwood innovates with complete re-brand and marketing structure

  • 2007

    Parkwood Introduce the Duramax Fibreglass doors

  • 2005-2007

    development and launch of the Thermtek range of aluminium doors, the first thermally broken entry door. A revelation in its thermal structure, and still totally unique today

  • 2002

    Simon Parkes (youngest son) enters business

  • 2004 – 2007

    Parkwood focus on LEAN manufacturing – improving processes to decrease waste and increase value to customers

  • 2000

    Martindale Doors, a well-known and respected brand of exterior timber doors closes down. Parkwood purchase a lot of their machinery and door designs and begin the manufacture of solid timber entrance doors. The focus on entrance doors begins!

  • 1998

    Imported doors begin to flood the door industry and Allison Doors, a company manufacturing solid timber doors closes down. Parkwood purchase a lot of their machinery, particularly louvre machines and begin manufacturing louvre doors

  • 1998

    At the request of a local builder, Parkwood begins to manufacture solid timber doors, made from knotty Rimu, for a new style bricked home with rolled verandahs

  • 1996

    Parkwood Products Ltd is formed and begins the manufacture of pressed panel hollow core doors

  • 1994

    They win a huge job to re-fit New Zealand’s Parliament building in Wellington with solid Heart Rimu stairs and balustrades

  • 1994

    Dean (oldest son) enters the business.

  • 1993

    Steve and Rachel purchase a an old joinery shop to manufacture stairs and other joinery

  • 1993

    Steve and Rachel Parkes and family shift to Wanganui – “We wanted to manufacture and distribute doors nationwide, and Wanganui was fairly central [doors can be sent overnight to both Auckland and Christchurch]. We also wanted to be in a community where we could have a positive effect on the economic circumstances of our workers and their communities.”

  • 1985

    Steve sets up a small joinery workshop making stairs

  • 1977

    Steve Parkes is a residential builder in Auckland

Warranty and sustainability:

Every door is covered by at least a 5 year warranty – click here for more details

Coming from New Zealand – one of the most beautiful countries on earth – we appreciate and rely on the natural beauty and purity of our environment and the quality of the timber grown in our forests. We do not take these things for granted and we do all we can to protect our environment and safeguard it for future generations. Where possible Parkwood uses sustainable timber suppliers. All our timber waste is recycled and goes back into products such as paint quality timber

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